The drive from Paris to Normandy takes about two and a half hours. It gets interesting as soon as you leave the highway and the spine-tingling sights of the French countryside (La Campagne, they call it) swallow you whole and heady. Endless patches of green and yellow spread out on either side of the narrow road, displaying pastures with cows and horses, half-timbered country houses and picturesque villages. We picked Etretat as our final destination because it has the best views. The three natural arches, the needlepoint rock, the cliffs and the long distance hiking path that runs through the village make it the perfect tourist and vacation spot, or like one of my readers questioned earlier: definitely worth visiting in lieu of emptying your husband’s wallet at Le Bon Marché in Paris….

I went out on a limb here with my Crocs. I know most of you loathe them, but I never quite understood why. They’re colorful, comfortable, waterproof… Agreed, they are not the prettiest, nor the most flattering, and granola at best, but I could say the same of culottes, and Birkenstocks and the latest Dries Van Noten sack dresses. I don’t think I pulled it off quite as well as Kasia Struss did in Alasdair McLellan’s shoot for Self Service (in my top 10!), but maybe it’s a hint at better things to come… So while I am not telling you to go out and buy Crocs, I am simply asking, why not?

White vintage dresses, Japanese fighter jacket (and loads of other amazing vintage!) for sale at Verlaine in Antwerpen on or; Footwear by Crocs; Boyfriend jeans by Paper Denim Cloth; Vintage 90s crochet top; Vintage handbag (belonged to my grandmother); Wool knit hat by 711 at More is Love.

Photos by Ugo Richard.

March 25, 2014

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14 Responses to “Normandy”

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    Angelina - Reply

    You pull them off beautiful. I hate crocs but I have to say they look lovely in the shoot. It isn’t the thing it’s how it’s worked!

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    What a beautiful place! Thanks for all your travel tips.
    I’m not going to lie, I was startled when I saw you in crocs. But I agree with what you said. Style has no boundaries and it’s all about how you wear it not what you wear. You definitely proofed the theory! You look great!

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    Randy Skinner - Reply

    beautiful as always natalie! you did the crocs proud. i’m even softening a bit. and you totally outdid Kasia!

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    pinkschmink - Reply

    Oh, that JACKET. That is heaven. I have been searching for one like that for what feels like about a million years.

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    I don’t know how you did it, but you made those crocs work. Mind blown.

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    Varisa - Reply

    You are right. Apart from the fact that they’re made of tacky polymer, they pretty much have the same effects as the Birkenstocks. But I’m not a fan of both of them – at least not for myself. On models and you, they look fashionable. In real life I think it’s most important to wear what compliments you; and with my build these shoes can’t do the job. Of course that almost sounds hypocritical given the comfort of them, but as an average fashion girl how I look matters to me. In terms of comfort, they are a luxury and that’s why they are probably too good for me.

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    Ellana - Reply

    Although I despise the trend at the moment of ‘fugly shoes as fashion’… I actually think you rock those crocs!

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