Not just any other Poppy

Beyond Retro is one of the better known, affordable vintage stores in London. They’ve created somewhat of an empire, with two stores in the city, one in Brighton, a website (with funny graphics!) and a bunch of locations in Sweden. They’re like mini-supermarkets, only you don’t skim the aisles for the gluten-free, dairy-free crackers, no, you’ll want to sniff out EVERYthing, no matter how crazy or unusual. The store in Shoreditch is a guilt-free delight. It’s the sort of place you walk into and uncontrollably gasp at the glorious vastness and wild array of colors. And when Poppy and I went shopping there back in March, we did just that. We spent hours running around, scanning the racks, dragging armloads of shirts, hats, bags, skirts and accessories to the changing rooms staging a total take-over. “We really went for it!” laughs Poppy, “trying on everything and anything. I love Brick Lane – it’s got good vibes.”

Twenty five-year old Poppy Delevingne is “the filling in the sandwich” of older sister Chloe and junior sister Cara, better known as the face of Burberry. Apart from a short stint in New York, she’s a born and raised London girl. She started modeling when she was nineteen and became one of the ambassadors for Chanel a couple of years ago, two duties that keep her on a plane pretty much year round. “I just got back from Cannes. I was writing a piece there for the Chanel Cruise show which was amazeballs! I also just did a 70’s style inspired shoot for Italian Vogue in New York – I LOVE dressing up. And I shot a coffee table book with Mark Squire called FLIP – I think the pictures are awesome!” She recently took up acting, which, if you ask me, is really where her future career is heading. I cast her in a short film by Fancesco Carrozzini for Imagine Fashion with Elisa Sednaoui, Paz de la Huerta and Zoe le Ber. She was breathtaking.

Besides her undeniable good looks and incredible wit, the most intriguing thing about Poppy Delevingne is her voice. It’s raspy and deep and seductive. She could sell toothpaste to a fish with that voice. Her laugh on the other hand borders mild hysteria. It’s loud and it’s big and it will swallow you whole. Hanging out with Poppy is a hoot. Most memorable during our shoot was “climbing up onto that pub dustbin and nearly falling off when two policeman came round the corner!” She says her style is “ecclectic”, she loves to shop for vintage “tea dresses, belts, over-sized knitwear or anything colorful”, and hates “wrap dresses, clogs and things with too many buttons – I have had a button phobia since I was little”. I’m not sure if she would actually wear any of the outfits I dolled her up in but she made them POP in a way I’ve rarely seen….

May 11, 2011

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    Absolutely Mrs. K - Reply

    it is like going on a treasure hunt! I am too nervous to take my time and I have absolutely no patience (I would be a very very bad pirate). If you are wearing vintage it is that you are allowed to wear as much different colors and prints as possible. It always looks smashing (I think Style Bubble is one of the best). The purple and white sweater is simply divine. I am a huge fan this season of oversized sweaters combined with skirts/dresses, so this one if phenomenal. And the dumpster is a fabulous inspiration. I love her flawless snow-white skin. See your blog is still one of my biggest inspirations! Always such a treat

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    Snazzy Brits! I love how colorful everything is. Very fun and playful ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I love this post – she seems like a great girl! More importantly for me, however, is that i now know that i'm not the only person with a phobia of buttons! EEURGH they creep me out! Sorry, just had to share that – my family have teased me about it for ages haha…

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    She seems so wonderful and amazingly talented! What a great career, so far! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love how she expresses her button phobia, we all have something that just doesn't make us excited.
    Absolutely love her polka dot dress!

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    Cookies - Reply

    I'm a huge fan of the outfit with pink converse, really well done and of course, viva Beyond Retro ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Natalie Joos - Reply

    Sorry guys, I think blogger erased some of the comments for this post. Wasn't me! I adore your comments!

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    Im currently in love with "poppyยดs" own vintage boots. I want those.

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    I have only just 'discovered' your blog but I am enjoying it immensely. I love that you post women of differing ages and they all have unique viwpoints that they channel theough their clothes. Every photo has an inherent energy that really engages me as a reader especially as many blogs show girls posing dead eyed in vacant parking lots, which although they may have great style does not convey their personality nearly as well as your blog does. The women you post all have different contributions to make and even though some of them are 'it-girls' I have never seen them look more appealing as when they are less 'manicured' on your site.
    Ok end of gush

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    Pearl Westwood - Reply

    Oh what a wonderful posts, its like a little treasure chest and I have never seen anyone look so cool in a bathing cap! Every time I go to London we never manage to find the vintage shops, must try harder next time I need a map!

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    TheBeautyFile - Reply

    She's amazing. I'd love to know what color her lipstick is!! That swim cap is too much, I love it! I love that she can be so versatile, from the laughing girl in the heart classes to the stunning beauty in the last photo, she's just incredible!

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