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A few weeks ago a Nowness producer contacted me with an exiting message: “We love your blog! Contribute to NOWNESS?” Nowness is the new but by now crazy popular on-line publication from LVMH overseen by Jefferson Hack and based in London. They were wondering if they could do a story with me, based on the sort of content Tales of Endearment brings on a regular basis. “There is such a delightful curation of vintage finds with beautiful friends of yours there, so we were thinking of something like a vintage treasure hunt with you and a friend, in an off-the-beaten-track place (which just so happens to hold amazing vintage stores!) or similar – shot in an interesting, beautiful way, of course,” she explained. My answer? A most DEFINITE YES!
So we started brainstorming and came up with the idea to shoot the story at Brimfield in Massachusetts, one of the biggest antiques markets in North America, held three times a year on a few dozen enormous fields. I had heard so many great things about this show and with the July dates just a couple of weeks ahead, this was the perfect location. I decided to take my delightful friend and French model Aurelie Claudel, while Nowness introduced me to the wonderful Martien Mulder, a Dutch life style and portrait photographer.
The three of us set off on our road trip from New York City on Thursday, July 15th. What you see in the following images and on Nowness on August 3rd is a recount of our amazing, stimulating two-day exploration of everything antique and vintage, in massive quantities. I took home an apron, a knit top and a romper, Aurelie a belt and those fantastic Givenchy sunglasses. But Martien beat both of us when she loaded the car with two rocking chairs, a screen frame and a bag full of baby clothes and shoes.

August 3, 2010

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    Randall - Reply

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I'm so happy I saw this, it's delightful

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    I love the shot where you're wearing Victorian dress very much 'cause it has that fairy tale feel.
    Wouldn't it be great to find Givenchy sunglasses in one of my hunts? Unfortunately only in my dreams I guess 🙂

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    Lady San Pedro - Reply

    Shabby, elegant, depicted in two different generations. Beautiful!

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    Really beautiful shots! I just discovered the blog and i love it! You're the best ;D


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    Lucy Laucht - Reply

    Hey Natalie, this looks so fantastic, the photos have come out beautifully,
    Lucy x

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    Bostonista - Reply

    congratulations on nowness!!!
    and these photos are so beautiful!

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