Oh Sandy!

At first I thought, I should do a Sandy Look of the Week. So I looked at myself: what have I been wearing this whole disastrous week? I never missed electricity or food here in Williamsburg – just my satellite dish tumbled down and I’ve been without TV (still am) – but I never really thought about getting dressed. Whatever for anyway? I’ve been shacked up with my poor sister who came for refuge from a pitch black, cold apartment in the Lower East Side. We cooked dinner every night, watched movies, pretended to work on our computers – I’m feeling mighty guilty about sitting around – and walked across the bridge a few times at night to stretch our legs, which btw was the creepiest experience ever (halfway down the bridge you entered this black hole because that’s where the lights went out). So why the hell should I put anything remotely decent on my body and feet? When in Rome, I say!

So, Sandy Look of the Week? Not such a good idea. You’d be far from thrilled. Instead I took inspiration from that other Sandy. The one who snatched John Travolta. And I got a little carried away.

My black vintage cape; My black vintage dress with quilted skirt (from Manhattan Vintage Show); Runway platforms by Miu Miu; Embellished mink fur collar by Marni; Burgundy and black striped mohair sweater by Dr. Martens; Moss green ‘Antonia’ Tote Bag by Smythson; Vintage green earrings by Mariana Diaz (Del Duca); Sea Foam nail polish by Duri.

Photos by Meredith Jenks.

Many thanks to Anthony (tonysclassiccustomcars@gmail.com) on Roebling Street for lending us his cute red Falcon van (this one is not for sale but he’s got loads more old timers parked right outside!) and thanks to Re-Pop for the chair prop!

November 5, 2012

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