One Too Many Mint Juleps

This is an excerpt from Eleanor Wells in Tales of Endearment, Modern Vintage Lovers and Their Extraordinary Wardrobes

Growing up on an old farm in Louisville, Kentucky, “the friendliest place on earth”, Eleanor spent most Sundays after church at the racetrack. She learned how to place bets without losing money and dodge the onset of an ironic allergy to horses. The yearly Derby was – and is – a highlight in her sartorial existence. “Louisville is somewhat old school in that people still dress up there,” she smiles. “It’s also a rather progressive Southern town so there’s an element of flamboyance to fashion.” Last year, after one too many mint juleps, she climbed on the horse statue in the paddock and nearly got arrested. “Honey, you best believe I hopped up on it, arranged my dress, and got the most epic photo I will ever, eeeeever have!” she cheers.

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March 20, 2018

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