Or are You just Happy to see Me?

It all began when I was 29 and I was having what I call a ‘mid-life crisis’. It was quite brutal actually, with paralyzing anxiety attacks and nightmares of premature aging. I thought I was a goner. One more year and I’d be a shriveled-up, fun-fearing grandmother. I had to DO something before the big 30 strike-out, something that would establish my cool and youth before I went senile. And so, one fateful day, I decided that I would 1. hang out with the cool skater boys 2. learn how to skateboard, and 3. date a skater. That oughta do it…

And I succeeded. I’m not saying I was a pro or anything – far from it – but I managed to hold my own on that board. I could semi-handle myself in the street, the half-pipe and the bowl – the highlight was when I dropped in from the twinkie! I copied the skater style and swag and fit right in. Eventually I caught the eye of one of the boys and for the next three years I lived a double life. Fashion girl by day, skater chick after hours. I would show up at fashion parties with scrapes and bruises but no one batted an eye.

Now, this all sounds like fun, and some brave souls may want to try this at home, but let me give you one piece of advice: NEVER date a skater. The girlfriend comes third place. First there’s skateboarding, then there’s food (and gallons of beer!), then comes you. So while they’re all hot and cool as shit, those skater dudes are best left to their own devices. Though I may have postponed the inevitable with a few years, and accumulated hard-earned bragging rights, I am lucky I came to my senses. I stacked my decks in the hall way and crossed one more thing off the bucket list…

Patch-work, recycled jeans by B Sides at Beautiful Dreamers; My vintage denim cut-off shirt; Black wool ruffle sweater by Roberto Cavalli; Black cap by Eli Reed; Black and grey skateboard shoes by Supra at KCDC; Turquoise beanie at KCDC; Mint-green, ‘Dunk Low Pro SB’ sneakers by Nike at KCDC.

Photos by Thierry Van Biesen. And a special wink at my sister Evelien who said: “It’s like I see myself!”

December 10, 2012

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