Pennies for Your Art

For their Fall ‘magalog’ Pennyblack, a young women’s wear line in Italy that’s part of the Max Mara group, focuses their attention on the art world. They have models posing as painters and curators and the art direction is based on graphics. The campaign, shot by Daniel Jackson, features girls standing around in pure mod mode. But there’s also a life style section, which they asked me to shoot, cast and style, just like I do with my Tales. I picked six girls who are active in the art world and photographed them at their homes or ateliers. We drove around for two days in a location van with a video crew in tow for behind the scenes footage. Oh, and I produced all this as well. I’m crazy.

Meet the ladies, and their stories:

1. Jane Moseley is a mixed media artist.

2. Jenna Gribbon is a painter and runs the Oracle Club in Long Island City.

3. Sarah Hoover is an Art Dealer at Gagosian Gallery and is married to Tom Sachs.

4. Cleo Wade is a painter and a poet.

5. Stephanie Podasca is a Creative Consultant and paints on silk scarves.

6. Alese Baker is a freelance writer.

Hair by Marki Shkreli; Make-up by Tracy Alfajora. Stylist Assistant Chanda Renee.

Many thanks to Max Iotta, Paola Spreafico and the Pennyblack team!

September 9, 2013

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