Playland Motel

Here are just a few reasons for you to check out the Playland Motel:

1. It’s on Rockaway Beach! The area was devastated after Sandy but it’s all slowly being rebuilt and businesses need a little help boosting the local economy. Yes, that means you! Spend yo dolla. And please don’t be afraid of the commute. Playland has its own subway stop on the A track.

2. The hotties! The place is literally crawling with cute guys. Let’s start with the owners and staff: former models, future models, wannabe models. But the clients and customers are no worse. And the best thing of all: it’s daylight so no aftermath surprises. Eye contact is instant and the rewards all the greater. So beware. The sun is not the only thing heating up the fake pebble beach!

3. The rooms! The spaces may be small and the walls may be thin but I’ll be damned if these are not the coolest interiors I’ve seen. They invited artists, decorators and you guessed it, former models, to put a personal spin on each room. Make sure to check out “My Bloody Dream” – have you seen Carrie? Yes, like that. Brrrr… So if you need to decompress after the grand tour, try the soothing Bambi room…

4. The food! Lobster rolls, octopus salad, oysters, tuna tartare and other deliciousness, all on the daily menu, ready for your consumption.

5. The music! They have some sweet DJs and cool bands performing every weekend. Make sure to check the schedule. Oh, and even the musicians are hot! Seriously.

Vintage 50s bathing suit on sale at Gypsy Nation Vintage; Norwegian thermal by Aerie at Domsey’s; Vintage cut-off shorts customized from old Earl Jeans; Bright red ‘Adilette Trefoil’ slides by Adidas; Multi-color ‘Lolo’ bottom and ‘Tasmin’ bikini top by Kiini; Gold LOVE ring at Gypsy Nation Vintage; Multi-color ‘City Landscape’ earrings by Lizzie Fortunato; Tropical 50s heels by Charlotte Olympia; 18kt gold ‘Coil’ hoops by Sophie Hughes; Candy earrings by Marni; Vintage straw beach bag from Brimfield.

Thank you Lucrecia, Leigh, Andy and the bouncer man for indulging me with your wonderful modeling work!

Photos by Meredith Jenks at Playland Motel.

August 1, 2013

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14 Responses to “Playland Motel”

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    Kelly T - Reply

    I read a few blogs and follow a few bloggers, but I have to say you are by far the most entertaining and most interesting, I love your take on life. x

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    abababigailababigail - Reply

    love your playful romp through playland. stunning photos!

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    Evan Zander - Reply

    Unfortunately you cannot swim at the beach there. Remember it’s the poor man’s Hamptons and if you think you are supporting the Rockaways by going there you are just supporting Jamie Weisman. You are much better going to the Hamptons–the people are much better looking and nicer. Shayanne at the Playland Motel would not make a reservation for me.

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    Tan, pool, lounge, suits, raffia… how did I get through this Summer without one of each?! Maybe I’ll go to Playland. 😉

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    Brandon - Reply

    At the beginning, I was a little worried about you, but I should’ve known better! Great styling all around, as always. I have to echo Linda and say that you always put a smile on my face. Thanks for that 🙂

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