Sasha, Tanya and the Rest

This week’s book excerpt is from Sasha Spielberg’s story. Someone had told me about her love of vintage, and I started to follow her on Instagram just to make sure she was the real deal. I was in for a treat!

I get a glimpse of Sasha’s acting skills when she shuts the door on me. We’re pretending this is an episode of MTV Cribs and I’m taping my exit. “It’s time to go!” she growls and makes a big scene of shoving me onto the driveway of her Silver Lake duplex. I know how seriously she takes her band, Wardell, and flourishing musical career, but should that ever dwindle she certainly has a splendid comedic talent to fall back on. “I love making people laugh so much,” she admits. “It’s one of my greatest joys. And I think I am a very naturally performative person, but I was in a sketch comedy group at Brown and I felt I wasn’t as passionate about it as I thought I’d be. I gravitate more towards the spontaneity in humor. Maybe that’s why I resort to my Instagram for ten-second spur-of-the-moment characters.”

Read the rest of the story in my book, Tales of Endearment, Modern Vintage Lovers and Their Extraordinary Wardrobes, available on Amazon and your local book store.

January 3, 2018

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    Love the pictures! Vintage is something I really enjoy too! The white dress she wears in the last picture is very exotic. I like it!

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