Secrets & Ghosts

I mentioned on Instagram how Ra Paulette has devoted his life to carving out caves in the hillsides of Northern New Mexico. They call them the Secret Caves because they’re not meant to be visited. And in fact, they are so secret that I wouldn’t be able to find them again on my own account. But the experience is magical, almost spiritual, and the work intricate. And now the land that holds two of those caves is for sale for $1M! (May I make a suggestion: you could build a nice little tipi commune out there… I’m sure the city folk would pay top dollar. Smart investment?)

That day Brooke Geahan, Mickey Sumner and I also explored Ghost Ranch and hiked up to the Chimney Rocks. The hike is about an hour uphill, but totally doable and a MUST, especially around sunset. The higher you climb, the better the views. It’s just breathtaking. And I did all of it in a skirt, so…

Vintage floral tent dress, Western jacket, floral tapestry vest and beaded bag, on sale at Gypsy Nation Vintage (contact for prices – mention Tales of Endearment); Yellow hat by Borsalino; Denim T-shirt and matching flared jeans by Macgraw; Denim skirt by Closed; Vintage blanket coat and black/tan ‘Monet’ cowboy boots at Back at the Ranch.

Photos by Paula Huidobro. Edit by Natalie Joos. Video by Aram Bedrossian.

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April 21, 2015

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    Dawn Bell - Reply

    Great story! Love New Mexico- it’s stunningly beautiful! L O V E your style~ your fashion palate is so broad. Come to Houston and visit my warehouse- I have 30 years of vintage collections a vintage lover you would go gaga!!

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    Really lovely gallery of pictures! I’m really loving how you pair your pieces together. They’re really loud individually, but they complement each other as well!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

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