7 Things You Need to Know about My Sweaters

By now you may know that I am launching my own little knitwear line. I’ve called it JoosTricot. Vogue did an incredibly flattering feature about it last February and it prompted a lot of excitement and questions, specifically from you, wanting to know where to buy the sweaters.

So let me clear up some things and give you a proper introduction!

  1. JoosTricot is a line of fitted sweaters in many different colors and patterns. I created them out of my own personal need for a soft, well-made, affordable and perfectly shaped fitted sweater. It’s my favorite thing to wear, tucked into low-rise jeans or high-waisted skirts, layered under skinny blazers or dresses. But there’s really not much choice out there. I know, because I am looking all the time. Most of these types of sweaters on the market are either too expensive, poorly constructed, severely itchy or boring. I created JoosTricot to fill a niche in the market but at the same time to eliminate every annoying little detail that irked me and produce the perfect feel and fit.
  2. We started with just 3 styles: a long sleeve crew neck, a long sleeve turtleneck and a short sleeve crew neck, in 11 solid colors, 3 horizontal stripe combos, 1 vertical stripe, and 3 solid lurex colors.
  3. Prices range from $345 for the short sleeve to $665 for the vertical stripe. We’re what they call a ‘contemporary’ brand.
  4. The main yarn is called ‘peach skin’, because that’s what it feels like! It combines cotton, silk and nylon. Each sweater also contains 20% spandex for extra stretch and amazing recovery.
  5. The first collection, FW17, will be sold at Barneys, Net-A-Porter, Matches, Browns and Kirna Zabete. We plan to ship mid July so we should see them appear early August. Fingers crossed!
  6. We are also building our own JoosTricot.com e-commerce platform where you will be able to buy stock, but also order custom colors. We didn’t produce every single solid and stripe but if you wanted a beige crew neck for example, like the one I offered Kim Kardashian on Instagram (lol), that could be arranged for a small price and a little bit of a wait. I’m also debating doing pre-orders next season. Let me know what you think!
  7. And they’re made right here in LA : – )

I am confident these are the best fitting sweaters on the market. I wear my samples all the time. They’re sexy, sophisticated, chic and comfortable. You could do cartwheels in them they don’t budge. And you could wear them without a bra if you wanted to because they’re dense and compact! #freethenipple

Anyways, thank you for your patience. We will be in touch again soon, hopefully with a brand new website!

Photos: Felix Wong / Styling: Natalie Joos / Model: Dasha at Muse / Hair and Make-up: Ingeborg Engelsman

June 1, 2017

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11 Responses to “7 Things You Need to Know about My Sweaters”

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    yes, awesome! as a petite lady, i find all the bulky, boxy, oversized sweaters on the market today so unflattering on me. I have the same problem with vintage – the proportions are better but they are itchy, or smelly, or have holes, or whatever. So excited to check these out!

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    Fabulous Miss K - Reply

    Wow I love these!! Love the vintage vibe you have going with them – and like you say difficult to find a good fitting, quality sweater. Will have a hard job choosing which one!!

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    Fashion and Travel Blogger - Reply

    Hi Natalie!

    It’s such vibrant collection! You need a good figure to pull these out tho. I also like how you’ve stick to a theme which is relevant across all pieces.

    Lot’s of love

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    Charlotte - Reply

    I love sweaters, especially ones that fit nicely (it’s so hard to find these). Congratulations on your sweater collection! They look great, and will work perfectly paired with some  diamond earrings . All the best!

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    Shweta - Reply

    wow.. 60-70s fashion is back.. thanks. lovely collection..

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    Sophie Dubois - Reply

    This range is absolutely stunning. I especially love the blue sweater, it is so flattering and such a great fit

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