New York Magazine, October 2010

On a Saturday morning a couple of months ago, a New York magazine reporter, vintage store owner Greg Armas and myself were in line at the Upper West Side Goodwill at 9 AM. Some people had been posted in front of the store since 4 AM that morning, anticipating a huge deal on one of the new designer arrivals. (Did they not know most of it was fake?) Greg and I geared up to complete our challenge: spend $100 on as many items as possible that could be resold at better value. As soon as the clerk opened the door, we rushed in and went on our mission. I think we both did really well in the end. We both spent our money wisely on classic, timeless pieces. And we got to keep them too!

October 19, 2010

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    Christine Zhu - Reply

    Hi Natalie,

    This is great! How does one find out about these sales/events in NY?

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    litlstrawberry - Reply


    So what do you mean by fake…. a mock look from designers?

    Love your chic blog.. ^^

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    Natalie Joos - Reply

    To Strawberry: The bags were not real Louis Vouitton or Chanel, copies, fakes..
    And to Christine: there r 2 thrift stores uptown who are very successful and do sales like this one. I wonder if you could call 311 to find out. my bet is the internet. we just happen to stumble on this one.

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    santiagosojourns - Reply

    this is so fun! Dear Ms. Joos, I've been reading your blog for a few months now and while I haven't been able to comment (browser compatibility issues) I'm actually really excited to comment now! Your blog is absolutely my favorite because I just got interested in vintage and now I'm obsessed! I went to Florence and hit up half of the places you recommended (and stumbled upon countless more). Ok now I sound too fanny but thanks for this blog it's not only fun to read but great inspiration and i love being able to use it in real life!

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    R.Auguste - Reply

    Looks great! I love the RL brogues and camel coat. Im a sucker for a woman in menswear inspired clothing

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