Tales of Endearment is a book!

There weren’t many style blogs out there in 2010. In fact, the fashion landscape was quite grim. The economic crisis had put an alarming halt on frivolous spending and the industry’s notables tread with cushioned caution. I was jobless – no one was splurging on casting agents anymore and the phone had stopped ringing. It worried me, but I also appreciated the mental space my newfound “professional freedom” had created. When work is no longer a burden, the mind goes to fortuitous places. I had millions of ideas and so much time.

Tales of Endearment was one of the first fashion blogs to make vintage a central focal point. I began generating content primarily to show designers and fashion consultants all the amazing vintage pieces I came across – inside my closet and in my friends’ wardrobes, during my travels to stores around the world, and the online shops like Ebay. My Muses quickly became as inspiring as the vintage pieces that lead me to tell their stories. Soon I was diving into the world of a new vintage devotee every week. I traveled, photographed, interviewed, and wrote persistently for the next six years. The overwhelming response I got finally encouraged me to compile an exclusive printed edition.

The Tales of Endearment book is a collection of photos and stories featuring 58 die-hard vintage fans. It celebrates the men and women that buy, collect, wear, and love vintage clothing. They come from all walks of life but share one unique passion: a love for the discarded, the recycled, and the nostalgic. Each one of their “Tales” reveals a common drive to explore the past and revive its many abandoned designs. From 70s rock ‘n roll T-shirts, to Edwardian mourning jackets, to mod suede skirts, each garment in the extraordinary wardrobes was handpicked with love, gratitude and a green conscience, and when worn well, has the power to inspire future generations.

In essence, Tales of Endearment identifies with the notion that “everything old becomes new again” and the remarkable people who hold it dear. They are the real-deal connoisseurs, historians, collectors, sellers, enthusiasts, and aficionados, sourced by word of mouth and recruited by me to share their priceless knowledge and styling talent. The final picture is an amalgam of yesterday’s colors, shapes, prints, and patterns that have been passed on and reinterpreted as tomorrow’s cutting edge. But what’s more: vintage is the most sustainable form of fashion, and it is my hope that this message prevails and mobilizes you to dig for your own treasures.

I would like to thank the fine men at powerHouse Books for their early support and persistence. And I’d like to express special gratitude to Nina Garcia for giving me that decisive extra push to do the book. She may or may not remember the little speech she gave me when we first met. Her words of encouragement made me pick up the phone the next day and tell my publishers I was finally ready. 

August 31, 2017

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    I am soooo excited to read this!! As a die hard vintage fan too and a firm believer that it should be part of our every day wardrobe – it is my mission to get as many people as I can to add a touch of vintage to their wardrobe!

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    Monroe Steele - Reply

    Wow this is so awesome. Congrats! Can’t wait to pick up a copy.


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    Danielle korneliussen - Reply

    I have been wishing for years that you would produce a book and now you’ve done it! I am out of my skin with sheer joy to order a copy for myself and a few friends who I know will be thrilled to own a copy of their own. I can picture vintage shops around the globe wanting a stack of your book poised in and amongst beautiful vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. All the best to you in your fabulous book adventure!

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    I’ve been waiting for this a long time, can’t wait to get a copy and get it signed one day!! Still remember the day when you had on that amazing blue dress with Prada kitten heels while twirling for photographers in Tuileries, my eyes opened to vintage that day and it’s now an addiction!

    And whenever anybody says anything negative about vintage or being reluctant about it, I always give them a quote by you – ‘Vintage is the best form of recycling’ 🙂

    Good luck with the launch, Natalie!

    P.S. The cover looks stunning!!

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    Hi! For sure the idea of writing a book is great! What makes your storytelling even more interesting is that your point of view is from someone who loves vintage. This is a very particular angle from which to talk about.
    Thanks 🙂


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    Carolina Socias - Reply

    Soo too happy to read this, i actually feel part of it, i have been writing your blog since 2013, i am Fashion designer based in Dominican Republic, since 2013 i have been working on my swimwear brand. I would looove to see you with one of my pieces.

    Wishing you lots of more success.
    Un beso
    Carolina Socias @csbeachwear

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