Tanja Part II: Russhing through Surry Hills

So where DOES Tanja Gacic get all her Depression Glass, taxidermy insects and 60s cocktail dresses? Russh magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Jess Blanch and I went to find out at the Surry Hills flea market on the slightly overcast, chilly, first Saturday of May. The market is on just once a month, so “were lucky to catch it after Fashion Week!”

A little interview with Jess reveals her vintage cravings, complete devotion for the magazine, and ‘man repelling” tendencies:

NJ: How would you best describe your personal style?

JB: I suppose I wear a lot of boys clothes. I’ve been told I can be a tad “man repeller’ in my men’s Levi’s from the 90s. But I love suits! I’m in constant search for the perfect navy pinstripe suit (which, fingers crossed, I’ve found pre-fall at Celine). Lapo Elkan is my style icon. I’m fascinated by the fact that he assisted Henry Kissinger and I want everything in his wardrobe!

NJ: Did you find anything good at the market?

JB: I found the LL Cool J record “Walking with a Panther” and a Coogi sweater I quite liked but I spent all my cash at the Bourke Street Bakery and couldn’t find an ATM so unfortunately I went home empty-handed. How boring…

NJ: Why did you choose Tanja as our escort?

JB: Because Tanja is unafraid to be herself and she’s a lot of fun! Before we were friends I was having dinner at my favorite restaurant on a rainy Tuesday evening when she arrived looking like she’d walked out of a late 80s Gianni Versace campaign (yes, channeling Linda and Helena!) and I thought to myself: That’s how a woman should dress when she’s going out to dinner with her husband.

NJ: How long have you been at Russh?

JB: A little over two years now.

NJ: What is the essence of the magazine and how much of you is infused in the content and style pages?

JB: Russh is Australian at heart, international in mindset. Our focus is on producing content that is unique, credible and original. We put the spotlight on innovators in fashion, beauty and the arts and in the spirit of a true fashion title we have model-driven content, not so much celebrity. We come from a place of sincerity. We live for beautiful imagery and powerful words. My heart and soul is there on every page, in every film, in every facebook post or tweet.

Read more about our day of street shopping in Russh Magazine. And be sure to check out the “United States of Tanja, Season 1” where she welcomes me into her home and closet.

May 18, 2012

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