The Ambassador

Ever since hurricane Irene nearly got me stranded in Los Angeles, I have been dreading to go back. I was so lost in translation last time, literally traumatized by lack of human interaction, that it left a huge, ugly scar. Never again would I spend thousands on car rentals and hotel rooms, deal with flaky people and turn to my GPS device’s voice for comfort. There had to be another way to enjoy this city…

The people of Max Mara gracefully bailed me out of my phobia last week. As their new, non-exclusive Ambassador I was invited to attend the 40th anniversary ceremony of the Women in Film Festival, an event they sponsor every year with the Face of the Future Award – this year the Award went to Hailee Steinfeld. We stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel, hosted cocktail parties, did some shopping on Rodeo Drive, played tennis, had dinners and did the red carpet. There was no GPS, but instead a fleet of cars with actual men as drivers. And there were friends with familiar faces, like Hannah Bronfman, Lauren Remington-Platt and Harley Viera-Newton, who had all flown in from New York to do their part as co-ambassadors. It was a great four days, spent basking in the sun and surrounded by happy Italians. I think I am cured. Thank you Max Mara!

Photos by Sasha Eisenman and Alex Muccilli.

White leather skirt, oversized, knit vest and white strappy sandals by Sportmax; Navy blue sweater by Cos; White platform sandals by Prada on Rodeo Drive. Vintage Minnie Mouse dress from Paris.

June 19, 2013

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