1. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' black studded silk jacket / 1980's studded leather belt / 1960's black patent leather hat box / Stuart Weitzman fringed heels / Preston & Olivia hat
  2. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' studded starfish t-shirt / 1960's Pauline Trigere silk pants / 1980's gold star black leather jacket / Eugenia Kim nautical hat / Santoni slip-on shoes
  3. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' black sequin fringe Music top / 1980's LEVI'S acid wash denim cut off shorts / Casadei fringe sandals
  4. 1980's Claude Montana (from the Bonnie Boerer estate) sequin denim jacket / 1980's CHLOE leather belt (from the Bonnie Boerer estate) / 1960's NWT blue tinted MOD sunglasses / Paul Andrew fur booties
  5. 1980's 'Jan Faulkner, leather artist' studded purple suede fringe dress / Nicholas Kirkwood red heels
  6. 1950/60's green patent leather clutch
  7. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' silk nautical tunic with gold hardware / Paul Andrew boots / Preston & Olivia hat / Aldo purse
  8. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' striped silk shirt / 1980's red leather pencil skirt / Nicholas Kirkwood shoes
  9. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' micro machine track jacket
  10. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' navy and white sweater with nautical hardware / 1980's black leather mini skirt / Linda Farrow sunglasses
  11. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' embroidered pearl beaded silk top / 1980's black and brown leather studded belt / black suspender skirt, stylist's own
  12. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' studded nautical jacket / 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' nautical blouse / 1980's (from the Bonnie Boerer estate) high waisted tailored couture pants / Casadei fringe booties
  13. 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' white vest with gold stars / 1980's Bonnie Boerer 'NWT' white studded cardigan / 1980's (from the Bonnie Boerer estate) gold leather pants / 1980's silver leather with gold elephant purse / Stuart Weitzman fringe sandals
  14. 1980's LINDA ROSSBACH angora hand knit cardigan (from the Bonnie Boerer estate) / 1980's high waisted olive leather pants / 1950's Python belt / 1970's sunglasses / Casadei clogs

The Estate of Bonnie Boerer

Oddly, there is no wikipage on Bonnie Boerer. She founded her fashion company in 1983 and manned every position herself for over a decade, from design to marketing. She produced in Hong Kong and sold in New York. Her collections were wild, to say the least. I like to think, a mix between the nautical, broad-shouldered look of The Love Boat and Carlton’s Christmas cardigans on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Bonnie’s best selling sweater was called the “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” with a row of pearls on the shoulders. The “Twentieth Century Fox,” encrusted with rhinestones, was her tribute to Hollywood glamour. She used fringe, sequins, studs, logos and pearls like a Vegas showgirl.

“She was a fabulous and fun designer,” says Meika of Another Man’s Treasure, “and a wonderfully creative lady by all accounts. She was also a truly modern business woman and innovator of her time.” Meika was contacted privately to view and purchase Bonnie’s collection, after her death last year. “Her fabulous (mirrored and lit-up!) closets were lovingly filled with rack after rack of couture metallic leather, studded motorcycle jackets, delicately beaded and embroidered deco dresses, silk kimonos, victorian lace, and edgy designer items from the likes of Claude Montana and Norma Kamali!”

And that’s how it came about that Bonnie’s entire clothing estate is on sale at Another Man’s Treasure in Jersey City, and that I got my hands on it to style into a fashion story. I recruited the talented Felix Wong and the incredible Antonina Petkovic to make the clothes come to life in a relevant, modern way, because lord knows, they’re beyond 80s. And I don’t know if the world is quite ready for a revival, even if Jonathan Anderson is trying his hardest. “I loved the clothes!!!” cheered the 18-year old Serbian model after the shoot. “All the time I was thinking of my mom because I know that she had a few similar pieces when she was younger. I would love to have them now!” Well, they’re just a rotary phone call away…

Please find all the fashion credits as captions on the photos. For all clothing inquiries and prices, contact Meika at anothermanstreasurejc@yahoo.com. Make sure to mention the code Tales of Endearment for extra pampering ; – )

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May 7, 2015

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    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more 80’s. . . micro machines on a track jacket. Love it!

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    I’m really loving this shoot! Bonnie Boerer has really lovely statement pieces that I must check out soon.

    ♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

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      Jean Boddie - Reply

      I have a silk embroidered jacket with pearls which goes over the shoulders and curls up at my back over my hip..Gorgeous,so many compliments,when worn..Classic, Vintage Bonnie Boerer,unlimited..Lovely..

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