The Final Countdown

On October 14th, the CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund celebrated the 2014 Design Challenge with a cocktail reception at The Ludlow Hotel. For this year’s Design Challenge, Maybelline New York assigned each of the ten finalists a U.S. city and asked them to create a head-to-toe look, including make-up, that embodies the distinct spirit and style of the Maybelline New York woman in that city, while still communicating the signature codes and DNA of the designers’ brands.

Brett Heyman (for Edie Parker) for example got San Francisco and designed a heart-shaped clutch in rainbow colors! I don’t have to tell you what she’s referring to…

Paul Andrew got New York and configured an entire city skyline on a pair of black suede boots, with heels modeled after the Empire State Building!

Ryan Roche got Portland, Oregon, and, if I can be so cheeky, went for a mix of granola and oatmeal knits, perfectly fitted for a hippie-chic winter.

Natalie and Grant of Grey Ant got Los Angeles and invited my faaaah-vorite of the moment, Kiesza to match her outfit and hair to a pair of red and green oversize sunglasses.

Tanya Taylor got Honolulu and dressed up her date in a voluminous frock and top.

Eva Zuckerman (for Eva Fehren): New Orleans, Louisiana

Gigi Burris: Austin, Texas

Matt Orley, Alex Orley & Samantha Orley (for Orley): Detroit, Michigan

Daniel Corrigan & Jake Sargent (for Simon Miller): Nashville, Tennessee

Wes Gordon: Miami, Florida

And with this final event, the Design Challenge ended. This weekend the finalists flew to Los Angeles to put together a runway show. And the BIG WINNER will be announced on November 3rd! Who’s your favorite?

Party pictures provided by Carly Erickson/

October 20, 2014

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    Emma Louise - Reply

    Wow. That video is quite an achievement! Single take with choreo! Congrats to all involved with that one!

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