The International Delegate

Sydney Fashion Week was INTENSE. Besides the jet-lag and having to keep working on casting jobs in New York, which got me on high alert from 5 AM every day, I had to see shows, do interviews, visit showrooms and fulfill my International Delegate duties. Since “the government” brought me here, I had to give them their monies worth. And boy, did I ever? Four weeks of blog posts and hundreds of tweets later, I have finally come to the end of the Sydney saga, with a small selection of pictures I took along the way, dreamy shots of the Harbour Bridge, photos from my shopping trip with Rachel Gilbert at the Intersection, the boat trip with Bryan Boy and Camilla Franks, and little bits of impressions. It was not my first time in Sydney but I had just as much fun. It’s an amazing city with phenomenal, funny people and oodles of talent and creativity!

I hope you enjoyed following my journey and meeting the wonderful women who inspired me. And I will say it again: Bring me back Australia!!



June 1, 2012

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