The #LFW Outtakes

I left New York early to attend a lecture by Dr. Norman Doidge at the London School of Economics. When I finish his second book I will write a post about the theory of neuroplasticity. It’s beyond fascinating. The research and patient studies from the past fifty years have proven a way to cure any brain-related damage, from learning disabilities, to autism, to strokes, to OCD. And it doesn’t involve medicine. It’s all in our mind. Anyways, more about that later.

I hadn’t been to London Fashion Week in years! I used to go to do castings for designers like Sass & Bide and Dion Lee, and I would try to see a couple of shows here and there. Even though I lived there when I attended the London College of Fashion in 1996, I dreaded going back because of the weather. I have yet to find a way to be stylish when it rains. I hate holding umbrellas and trying to get in a taxi without getting wet. My hair gets frizzy and the seams of my pants are basically mopping the streets. Yeah, screw that.

But anyways, since I wasn’t going to Paris, I thought I should at least try it again. And I’m happy I did. The shows in London are proportionally more fun and refreshing. And it seems I have more friends there than I thought I did. There is this comforting absence of egotism and snobbery. The stand-out shows for me were Emilia Wickstead – feminine and classy with a retro twist – and JW Anderson – I was never a fan of the 80s but I was brutally awakened and converted by look three! I also love the deconstructive presentation of Toga and the tiny, tiny, tiny space Danielle Romeril chose to show her collection.

But the most surprising thing? It didn’t rain.

March 18, 2015

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    Maggie Alderson - Reply

    I’m another Norman Doidge fan. ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ is one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. I’m always pleading with people to read it and they look at me like I’m mad… neuroscience? seriously? YES!

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    Paris Rendez-Vous and Beyond - Reply

    Toga thingy….totally fab! Love London….nice it didn’t rain on your parade!


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    Maria V.

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    Em Howard - Reply

    I’m with Ms Alderson! I read ‘The brain that changes itself ‘on a long-haul flight from LA to Australia, and found myself excitedly explaining how amazing it was to some very bemused flight attendants at 4am! It’s not only brilliant reading, but that rare sort of book you can’t stop talking about and wanting to share with someone immediately, no matter where you are. Love that your London trip was rain-free, a different kind of rarity!!!

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