The Miami Art experience

I don’t particularly have much to do with art, nor am I particularly enthralled by it. I took an Art History class in high school and in university, so I can appreciate a soft paint stroke or a nicely shaped cast iron torso when it’s in front on me. But I am not up to speed with contemporary art, at all. So when I decided to go to Art Basel in Miami, the art was not my priority, but rather a back drop, a colorful context for my first Miami Tales shoots.

I did however discover two very important things when I toured Nada and Miami Art Fair. One: I love Japanese art. Any time I would be drawn to a painting or sculpture the artist turned out to be Japanese. I suppose it’s their use of color and cartoonish graphics – I’d almost say it’s cute. Two: there are A LOT of people making art in this world. It’s not overwhelming per se, and pretty easy to distinguish likes and dislikes, but the supply seemed endless. Art Basel brings together the best artists and artwork in the world, so to say the visitors are spoiled and perhaps even enabled is an understatement. Luckily I am not a collector. Yet.

December 14, 2010

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    Crystal Lee - Reply

    I love your vintage Ungaro jacket! I have some pretty fine vintage Ungaro pieces myself. (all thrifted) great styling on Elisa.

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