The Rebirth of the Pijama Palazzo

Once upon a time in the 50s there was a Russian Princess named Irene Galitzine. A socialite and fashion icon herself, she soon became bored of just being rich, royal and fabulous and decided to become a designer. She introduced a clever set of clothing in January of 1960, the Pijama Palazzo, a 2-piece type of pajama that soon became the uniform among her waspy circle of friends in America. Jacqueline Kennedy wore them, so did Diana Vreeland, Audrey Hepburn, Wallis Simpson, Liz Taylor and the luminous Claudia Cardinale in the first film of the Pink Panther series.

And now they are back, interpreted and reinvented by Sergio Zambon who delved into the geometrical and conceptual essence of the Pijama Palazzo, extracting its free and joyous dynamics, its baffling, transversal and versatile modernity. “This capsule,” says Sergio, “has the purpose of creating the basis. or establishing a project starting point. By digging into the files of the heritage, I played with the semantic subtlety, with the hint and the cypher of synthesis and subtraction.” Or in laymen terms (pfew!): he took the pajama and brought it back in its most recent and relevant context.

The day of his presentation in Milan, Sergio dressed a few girls, on stage and on the streets. Here’s a few pictures from Milan. Ciao!


September 21, 2012

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