The Sexiest Way to Say FCUK You!

It wasn’t such a far leap for the British retailer to knock on my door. After all, the new Creative Director at French Connection, Maria Chen, is the very reason I moved to the States in 1997. She recruited me straight out of college to oversee the PR for her then-eponymous line sold on Mulberry Street. And even in the UK I’m known for my sometimes shocking dating stories. British Vogue published a personal essay about my dating life as a fashion girl, and there was also the viral recount of my disastrous first on-line date by the Daily Mail. Put all that together, plus the launch of their best selling jean, the Rebound, and you have an excellent opportunity for a juicy collaboration!

Girls, there’s really no easy way to get over a break-up. It fucking hurts, and it takes time to pull yourselves together again. There’s those who drink their broken hearts into a pulp, others who go surfing and let the waves wash the pain away, and some who simply grab their skinniest jeans or shortest dress and go on the prowl for some good old revenge sex. I’m not saying the latter is the healthiest way to deal with things, especially not if you’re on the receiving end of the fling, but it’s most certainly the sexiest. And FCUK Rebound denim might be just be your ticket to get the boys’ attention.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and SELL you these jeans. I’m going to GIVE them to you! Because, hey, yours truly is always here to help the ladies with a plan. So after you’re done watching the film we made, go to my Instagram @jxxsy and follow instructions. Ten followers, chosen at random by French Connection will be sent a fresh Rebound pair in one of the five different washes. And if you happen to own a pair of Rebound jeans already, we’d love to hear your stories and see your cute little bums in them! Tag us : – )

Director: James Gallagher

Boyfriend: Nick Hinman

Rebound: Spencer Falls

Music: Lake Ruth


March 16, 2016

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    Brilliant! Hats off to your crew and your clever and witty way you always share your stories! BTW, your ass represents!

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