The Palm Springs area is famous for many things: Yoshua Tree’s surreal desert landscape, consistent dry, hot weather, the annual 3-day Coachella music festival, but above all and of special interest to vintage fans, the insane amount of thrift shops. I counted about forty on google maps and not only are they designed like supermarkets, they are also ridiculously cheap! On our way to the Coachella polo field, I took writer Stephanie Lacava and model turned blogger Hanneli Mustaparta on a two hour thrift binge.

Our first stop was Angel View on Highway 111 in La Quinta. While Stephanie browsed the book shelves for silly literature, Hanneli and I dissected the clothing racks for hidden treasures. I was very well aware of Hanneli’s exceptional style, but I had no idea she had such a nifty talent for discovering the best pieces in the store. It was almost magical.

In the strip mall on the next block we found a Goodwill bigger than a golf court. Yes, I am exaggerating, but it was HUGE! This time we both made some fine discoveries.

April 19, 2010

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4 Responses to “THRIFTY HANNELI”

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    Ringo, have a banana! - Reply

    Wah, I miss thrift shopping in California so much! That last leopard outfit is killer. Love your blog!

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    ladylovertine - Reply

    Well I simply adore Stephanie,she is my own person stylista career girl muse. I plan on following this wonderful blog,and perhaps mingling with you in a fashion frenzied excursion. Brava!

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    Vanessa Mala - Reply

    YAY! Now I know I'm not the only one that goes thrifting while in another city or country.
    great finds.

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    Style Wilderness - Reply

    LOVE Hanneli and her finds, especially as I have been known to navigate via op shops (that’s what we call thrift stores in Australia). I sincerely hope you bought that white jumpsuit for yourself, there’s not many people who could work that so well!

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