Over the next few months I will be posting excerpts from my book, Tales of Endearment – Modern Vintage Lovers and Their Extraordinary Wardrobes. First up, photographed just a few days before Christmas last year, is Abigail Spencer, actress, fire cracker, and fellow vintage fan.

The film crew is still here. They’ve fabricated a provisional interview booth in the guesthouse at the back of the driveway. I poke my head in to find Abigail but her chair is empty. The camera guy is in the middle of a sound test and the producer is flipping through the pages of her questionnaire. “She’s in the kitchen,” I’m told. They haven’t finished her make-up and hair yet, which sincerely worries me. If we’re supposed to start my Tales shoot in half an hour, she’ll literally have to race through the Sundance TV interview. And that’s just a preposterous notion for the 35-year old actress. “My nickname was The Boss,” she told me earlier. “And not like Bruce Springsteen. I was always hoarse from talking too much.” Shit.

Read more in the book, available on Amazon and your local retailer.

December 22, 2017

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