Toi Là! Je t’aime!

I know it looks like I am always traveling. And that’s probably because I am always and inadvertently, traveling. I spend my days packing and unpacking, checking in and out, losing my things on airplanes – this is quite alarming in fact: in the past months I have lost a computer and case, a museum catalog, an Ipod, numerous head sets, my tennis racket and a winter coat – and doing laundry. I’m not complaining. I’m just worried I am losing my sense of work ethics. Because lord knows I would rather be sitting on my ass in a beach chair than behind a desk. And if I apply what I have learned from my books on neuroplasticity I am just one neural connection away from losing my sense of reality all together. That brain map, the one that keeps working so familiar and exciting is fading, and will soon be taken over by a perpetual vacation map. Olé!

But once in a while my roaming is useful, for you too. I’ve visited some awesome places, no? Sometimes unusual and bold like Cuba or Kazakhstan and sometimes just lazy and tropical like Tulum or Ibiza. And depending on my appetite for adventure, or lack there of I can appreciate both. Last week for example I was invited to stay four nights at Tom Beach Hotel in St Barth. It wasn’t my first time on the island but who can say no to a quick little trip to paradise? (This is where my brain refuses to comply…) Tom Beach is a small hotel on Jean Beach, on the same strip of land as the famous Eden Rock Hotel and Nikki Beach restaurant. It’s in walking distance from the airport and has just ten rooms, set in the middle of a tropical garden. It’s the home of a delicious restaurant, La Plage and a small, colorful boutique, Free in St Barth. The staff is friendly – Ruben at the front desk is Belgian! – and the rooms are spacious.

It’s the kind of place you go to when you want things to be convenient, cheap and easy. It’s not swanky – the breakfast buffet is minimal – or breathtakingly beautiful – the view from my room was obstructed by a white tent – or quiet – they throw loud Sunday brunches and Friday night parties. But it’s close to everything. There is parking across the street for your rental car, almond milk and rice cakes on demand and air conditioning when it gets muggy. It’s basically the perfect destination for a long weekend with low-maintenance friends, like my darlings Erin and Brandon.

A BIG MERCI to Tom Beach hotel for hosting us, Morgane for the neon goodies, and Aurelie for that amazing dinner (with pole dancer!!). We had a great time. A la prochaine!

P.S. If you find my iPod, please call me!!

June 27, 2014

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    Hey, Love your pictures, lot of colours! Whats your camera?

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