Too Buddhalicious for You Baby

Susie Holmes and Jessica Jesse came up with the concept for BuDhaGirl “in the kitchen, over coffee”. They launched their first pieces of buddhism-inspired jewelry at the beginning of this year, but the philosophy behind the brand, the intricate packaging and the customer they wanted to cater to were conceived long before that. BuDhaGirl was a natural extension of their state of mind. “Both Susie and I clearly understand the power of daily positive intentions,” says Jessica. “Intentions influence outcomes. So it is simple: maybe, just maybe if we can get people to stop and actually think about what they are doing and why, their brain might make stronger connections. Stronger connections translate to brain maintenance and health. Ritual is also very important and very calming… For example, dressing is a ritual for me and finishing my ritual with clear intended thoughts is very powerful.” I leave you with this as New York Fashion Week kicks off and wardrobe (and Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions) is just about the most anxiously considered sacrament you’ll have to deal with. Happy Fashion!

White lace cropped, scalloped top and pencil skirt ensemble by Karla Spetic; Red Buddha and white pendant, snake heads bracelets, beaded prayer necklace by BudhaGirl; Red patent leather and plexi sandals by Gianvito Rossi; Vintage wide legged jeans by Levi’s; Red sunglasses by Wild Fox; 18k gold plated metal ‘Farah’ clutch in turquoise green by ITAcollection.

Photos by Meredith Jenks.

September 6, 2013

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    gabrielle - Reply

    You look amazing! Please share what type of workouts you do for such a trim tummy! x

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