1. Paige: DVF Lacie Striped Knit Jacket DVF Meni Mesh Detail Bra Top DVF Fausta Gingham Print Short DVF Vera Too Gingham Heel DVF blue leather and gingham handbag Envelope Gingham Printed Leather Clutch Vintage Lanvin blue straw hat w/crochet polkadots, $450 at The Way We Wore Lacoste red sunglasses, model’s own
  2. Z: DVF gingham black bra top DVF ikat stamp navy cardigan DVF Walda Striped Knit Pencil Skirt DVF gingham and tortoiseshell heel Vintage black straw and clear hat, $395 at The Way We Wore Balenciaga white sunglasses, stylist’s own
  3. Paige: DVF Blue Riviera romper Vintage pink poly print shirt, $30 at Avalon Vintage DVF blue Bea crochet sneaker Vintage red straw hat with bow, $85 at Avalon Vintage Vintage sunglasses, model’s own
  4. Z: DVF Barths Silk Maxi Dress DVF Vanessa Mesh Detail Suede Heel Vintage green sunglasses, check for price at Sielian's
  5. Z: DVF Brielle Lace Top Vintage green/blue pais bathing suit, check for price at The Way We Wore DVF Melanie leather flip flop Envelope Metallic Cork Clutch
  6. Paige: DVF Dean Printed Cotton Blouse Vintage white and navy tiki print playsuit, $245 at The Way We Wore DVF Melanie leather flip flop DVF micro mini cork Crossbody Bag
  7. Z: DVF white lace romper DVF Vanessa Mesh Detail Suede Heel Bes Ben double floral crown, $595 at The Way We Wore
  8. Paige: DVF Evangelina Lace Gown Becca Too PVC Cut Out Pump DVF Voyage After 6 Embossed Metallic Leather Clutch Z: DVF Julianna Lace Long Wrap Dress Becca Too PVC Cut Out Pump DVF Voyage After 6 Embossed Metallic Leather Clutch

Valley Girls

It’s been almost two years since I visited Diane Von Furstenberg at her home in Connecticut. She gave me free reign of her vintage archives and let me create a magical story to support the relaunch of Tales of Endearment. Not only was the shoot unforgettable and special, it was also the start of a great professional relationship with DVF as a brand, and as a family. I’ve worked with the team on many different projects since then, like the Harley Golightly video, or my hilarious appearance on The House of DVF. But the best was yet to come…!

It basically went something like this: “Natalie, we are sending you the entire SS15 runway collection. DO something with it.” I was vacationing in Los Angeles at the time – it was Christmas – so I suggested the sunny, pastel-colored backdrops of California for a shoot. The collection was inspired by Brigitte Bardot and the French Riviera, but I wanted to give it my own twist. After all, the vibe was fifties, bursting with colorful prints, and totally up my alley.

We posted up at the iconic Pink Motel in the San Fernando valley and through some clever word-of mouth found two incredibly inspiring girls from Los Angeles: Z Berg and Paige Elkington. More about them in a later post! The first part of our story is up on DVF.com now. Happy Read & Shop!

Talent: Z Berg / Paige Elkington

Photography / styling / casting / Art Direction: Natalie Joos

Production: Yasmin Hed / Stylist Assistant: Anna Su

Vintage collaborations: The Way We Wore / Avalon Vintage / Sielian

Please find all fashion credits in Shop My Wardrobe and the photo captions.

Shop My Wardrobe

March 24, 2015

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    Posts like this are exactly the reason Tales of endearment has become my favourite blog, I just think the way you style photoshoots, with yourself and other people is so interesting, you create stories with images so beautifully. The first post I read of yours was “AN ILL-FATED ATTEMPT AT FINDING LOVE IN THE HAMPTONS” and I just felt how honest and real your words were even through the screen, since then I have read every one of your posts and I think what your doing with this online space is something really special, and totally unique to the blogging world. Every post is quality, I just think you are incredibly good at what you do. thank you for sharing.


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