Get Smart!

Technology is a little bit lost on me. Up until two months ago I was still using that black smart phone and scheduling my life in a paper diary with a pencil. I don’t have TV-on-Demand, nor pay-per-view, nor a tablet. I rent videos from the corner store and watch subscriber movies on my laptop. I’m a traditionalist. I like the classic, original version of things, like tutus and classical ballet as opposed to bare feet and modern dance, or pointillism and Art Deco instead of video art and abstract installations. I wish I was more adept to the new stuff, but it makes me feel uncomfortable, as if I’m conforming to some kind of social pressure to perform faster. I often wonder if my resistance is caused by fear or by laziness. Who has time to learn everything? I’d rather stick with the old and familiar than plunge into a world where everyone speaks a foreign language.

That’s exactly what I thought when Samsung nudged me to use their new GALAXY Note 3. They invited me to a party in Paris and dangled all kinds of exciting goodies in front of me: GALAXY Note 3 has a multi-functional S pen, a big, Full HD Super AMOLED screen, and GALAXY Gear that answers calls, the same way James Bond does. I was impressed. But I wasn’t ready. It would take me another six months before I could wrap my head around the possibility of giving up my other devices. But I finally committed, a week before New York Fashion Week in February. And I haven’t looked back since. I’m a proud user and I discover new features every day. It’s a remarkable piece of technology. And guess what: I still get to handwrite my calendar with the S pen and the Note takes better pictures than any of my old devices.

Samsung will release the new GALAXY S5, Gear Fit and Gear 2 with a special campaign in the June issue of Vogue magazine. I had the privilege to go on set with Vogue Advertising Studio and Samsung to see how the new phone integrated with the hottest, new accessories and jewelry. The creative team consisted of photographer Nagi Sakai, stylist Sarah Gore Reeves, model Eliza Cummings and Vogue Advertising Studio Creative Director Delphine Gesquiere. I was invited to host the behind-the-scenes video and interview everyone about their experience on set and with the product.

The scenes were positively energetic. Eliza bounced up and down the screen with big smiles and giggles while Sarah decorated her with watches, phones, rings, sunglasses and other colorful accessories. To demonstrate that the phones are water resistant the hairdresser sprayed Eliza from head to toe with water. They both survived. There was a silver bunny, real sponge cakes, painted backdrops and a million flashes. The fun didn’t let up for twelve hours!

What’s special about the newly designed wearable watch for example is the fact that you can interchange the wristband and choose the color according to your mood or outfit. It also reads your steps, and tells you how many calories you burned! Samsung is dead-set on their products being stylish and wearable without compromising its wearer’s total look. They invited designers like Moschino and Nicholas Kirkwood to design the phone covers and made sure they are 100% coveted and on-trend. Why shouldn’t technology and fashion influence each other? It might entice more scaredy pants like me to take the leap.

The June issue of Vogue goes officially on sale on May 27th. Until then, take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our flashy campaign! All my behind-the-scenes photos were taken with the Samsung GALAXY S5 ; – ))

This was a sponsored post.

May 7, 2014

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    Mitzi Johnson - Reply

    A “sponsored post”? How sad! I have loved this blog for feeling so lovely and personal, and am distressed that you have to do this! Argh!!!

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      Dear Mitzi, you are more than welcome to send me food and water to survive…. ;-)) Other than that, I love my Samsung phone and I am happy to share the affection with my readers. It’s not sad, it’s truthful!

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    sarafina - Reply


    I am with you on this one! I switched from Samsung to Apple but may revert back. The calendar remains a journal, and my scribbles remain in it. If you have lived in Asia or more specifically, South Korea, as I did for four years, Samsung was just sexy..well, maybe. The “Here Comes the Bride” jingle at the end of my washing machine’s spin cycle wasn’t so….

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    disneyrollergirl - Reply

    I’m with you! I was a die-hard Crackberry addict and I loved my i-Pad mini but since I got a Samsung Galaxy Note3 I’m a complete convert (the pen did it for me, if you love to draw you will adore it). (S, This comment is not sponsored. I got my Note3 the traditional way, as an upgrade via my network provider!)

  4. avatar - Reply

    Oh Natalie! I must agreee with Mitzi I am so disappointed with a sponsored post. I can’t believe you have done this. I too loved your blog as one of the only places left with real personal commentary and no sponsors. It’s a sad world when every blog I read pushed me to buy buy buy more things I don’t need. You of the vintage spirit…have let me down.

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