The best thing about Le Sereno is the wind. As soon as you walk out onto the back patio where the pool and restaurant are, there’s this soft, cooling breeze, just light enough not to mess up your salt-and-sun-bleached coiffure, but strong enough to keep you blisfully glued to your king size sun bed for twelve hours. My sister and I stayed at the hotel the last two nights of our vacation in St Barths. It was the perfect way to end a holiday: relaxing, no-fuss, zen, quiet, spacious, friendly and just plain beautiful. I could easily say this is my new favorite hotel in the world.

The bay where the hotel is built is shallow; you can walk about half a mile out into the ocean without having to swim, until you hit another sand bank, where the water gets cooler and deeper. My sister saw a giant turtle on her paddle board. (My sister was on the paddle board, not the turtle…) (Phahaaa!) Anyways, you can windsurf, jet-ski, kite-board and sail, or if you’re not into adventure or hospitals ride a dapper, yellow water bicycle. There is something for the whole family! I’ll even bring my kid here one day!

All the clothes I am wearing, except my own two vintage pieces and shoes, were lent to me by local stores in Gustavia. Vintage floral skirt and cropped top from Gypsy Nation Vintage; Wooden wedges by Celine; Blue ruffle and button bikini by Agua Bendita; Backless T-shirt¬†and¬†denim patch shorts by Free in St Barths; Neon ‘Adilette Trefoil’ slides by Adidas; White ‘St Barths French West Indies’ long sleeve T-shirt by Spirit (gift from my sister – Thanks Blinie!); Mirror sunglasses in red/orange and black/blue by Wildfox; Oversized peasant top by Lolita Jaca; Christian Lacroix-style purse at Wild Side Boutique.

Photos by Stephan on and around the property of Le Sereno. Thank you to Morgan of Wild Side Boutique and the team at Le Sereno. A la prochaine!


August 28, 2013

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    Dree Harper - Reply

    Le sigh** You look amazing in everything! that vintage floral skirt and cropped top set is lovely. thought it was a high end designer for a minute there but then my good sense got a hold of me. This is your blog, I remembered. Vintage reigns supreme!

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    I love love love those St Barth tops. You said they came from ‘Spirit’ – do you know if they have an online store or Facebook page so I could track one down at all? Thank you! xx

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    One look you’re a surfer girl, another you’re the best vintage finder! Also some chic, chillaxed look and the trendy marine styled jumper. You are just so flexible with the way you dress and I do feel a connection! Sometimes I am very feminine, sometimes classy, infrequently SATC genius outfit and other time the orthodox definition of chic, meaning black leather lace-up leggings and all those. Definitely not as experimental as you, although hopefully one day – got a long way to go because I’m currently sixteen and been (and will continue to be) growing up with your blog. I do wonder to myself at times whether having such a variety of style means that I do not have my very own one, but when I see your blog it feels a bit alright. Perhaps I could just wear what I feel when the day rolls by.

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    your pics make me want to vacation there. everything looks beautiful. I love your necklace where can I find one like it, i’m obsessed lol.

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