What Not To Do

Funny story…  When I separated from my husband, a long long time ago, and had cried/tossed/turned/agonized through the first few weeks of heartache, my friends encouraged me to get back in the saddle and start dating again, or at least find some hottie to practice on. I remember them taking me to this club event and feeling so weird and displaced. I had no idea how to talk to guys anymore! I didn’t know how to flirt or get a guy’s attention. And I wasn’t really interested either. I felt kind of stupid standing there. Until I saw this tall, dark and handsome photographer… He looked like the right combination of testosterone and sensitivity. I told my friends I wanted to talk to him, but didn’t know how. And then I spotted some strawberries by the buffet… I thought: maybe he wants a strawberry? See, that’s where it went dreadfully wrong. I don’t think my brain had fully recovered to its full and rational potential at that time, because I believed that I could seduce this guy with a piece of fruit. He had no idea what I was after when I showed up and kindly declined my offer, leaving me defeated and eating the strawberry myself.

So my advice: steer clear of fruit offerings.

Director – James Gallagher
Director of Photography – Markus Mentzer
Editor – Josh Margolin
Sound Mixer – Terence Deutsch

April 6, 2016

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