Wheel of Freaky

I thought it was an excellent idea! Yes! Let’s go on the ferris wheel to shoot pictures!! Whoohoo. I meet Dirk by the ticket booth, we get in line, mount our own little, open-airĀ carriage, and we start to go up. And then I remember something…. I’m afraid of heights. It’s not severe but serious enough to know not to climb on anything higher than a table top, especially not in platforms. I’m clutching on to the railings as if my life depends on it. Actually at that point, I am pretty convinced my life DOES depend on it. All I want to do is curl up like a little ball on the floor of the carriage. My face is flushed – or is it white? Who cares when you’re dying, right? All the while there’s a goddamn photo shoot going on AND that thing is going around five freaking times! Anyways. I peel open my eyes after the second round and manage to send enough oxygen to my paralyzed brain to enjoy the stunning aerial view of Antwerp. Oh and did I mention it was my birthday? It may as well be one giant metaphor….

Black, pleated dress and lilac beanie by Cos; Vintage, multi-colored cardigan from 25th Street Garage in New York; Black platform sandals by Robert Clergerie; Color-block socks by Happy Socks; My sister’s vintage, green handbag by Louis Vuitton.

Photos by Dirk Alexander.



December 31, 2012

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