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  1. 2X4A9134
  2. 2X4A9148
  3. 2X4A9225
  4. 2X4A9194
  5. 2X4A9202
  6. 2X4A9262
  7. 2X4A9269CLEAN
  8. 2X4A9281
  9. 2X4A9277
  10. 2X4A9318
  11. 2X4A9322
  12. 2X4A9333comp
  13. 2X4A9339
  14. 2X4A9356
  15. 2X4A9383CROP
  16. 2X4A9408

White Collar Cherry

Wearing a white collar either brings out the nun in me, or the school teacher. Luckily I am neither so any fear of chastity belts or whipping is ungrounded, or overrated for that matter. But wouldn’t it be fun to be a virgin again? To start all over and wonder what it’s like, be jealous of other girls (we called them sluts) who’ve gone all the way, and to feel special when a boy (in your case this better be a man!) wants to be your first? Everyone has a first time. Mine was memorable (to say the least) but I can’t share the details because my mom reads this! Haha! You, on the other hand, can spill the beans. What went through your head that last second you were a cherry?

Silk printed dress with white collar and black block heel shoes by Carven; Black knit sweater by Theory; Aqua beaded necklace by Delduca; My vintage black, belted blazer; Black and red ‘Madame’ bag by Delvaux; White frilly socks at from St Marks; Bone ‘Linwood’ reading glasses by Warby Parker.

Photos by Aram Bedrossian at RePop in Williamsburg.

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