Pamela Love’s Greenpoint apartment is a lot like her favorite vintage Levi’s jeans: faded to a light and soft shade, ripping in the all the right places, pricelessly molded to her comfort, every nook and cranny infused with Love. The first thing Pamela points out when I walk in is a chest with one of the drawers missing. Until it gets fixed, her cat Annabelle has happily claimed a spot on top of the exposed stack of t-shirts. Pamela demonstrates how badly the mirrored doors of her wardrobe are sliding since they came off the hinges. “I had so much stuff in here, the doors couldn’t handle it anymore!” She also tells me about a recent flood in the basement that destroyed much of her stored clothes. “Everything is in plastic bags now,” she sighs. “I used to take such good care of my things before a boy lived here… Now I can never find anything!” Jordan only took over a tiny bit of space in the closet. The rest of the wardrobe, that extends over two walls in the apartment, is artfully stowed with a spectacular collection of flowy long vintage dresses, military jackets, lace up boots and sunglasses. In fact most of her clothes are vintage. When she first moved to New York, she would travel with a friend to thrift stores and vintage shops in nearby states to buy great pieces to sell on the Chelsea Flea Market. Since then Pamela has developed a knee jerk reaction to spend every time she sees something special. But since she’s now primarily invested in her booming jewelry company, those treasures have no place else to go than her bursting at the seams wardrobe. Oh well, more to Love!


April 12, 2010

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    sara zucker - Reply

    love ms. love. and documentation of a day in her life merely proves what i've thought all along: that she is the perfect mix of quirky and glamorous.

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