With love from Paris

I can’t say I remember any Fall Paris Fashion Week being as pleasant and sunny as this one. Ten days of blue skies, crisp temperatures and not a drop of rain. For once the flock of fashion show crusaders had only to complain about shows starting late, wardrobe malfunctions and disappointing collections. If all else failed, the dry weather was their daily saving grace. And what a week it was too. I am convinced, more than ever, that the fashion industry is an unhealthy business. People are losing money, weight and their minds, all in the line of fashion duty.

But I was not in Paris to participate in the gossip or speculate about who would be next in line at Dior. (Though personally I think someone should drop Oliver Theyskens’ name in this game of musical chairs.) I was happily strolling through the Tuileries and the Marais, seeing some shows, eating croissants, meeting friends, and going to dinner parties.

It was at the dinner for Zadig & Voltaire that I was seated next to Elettra Wiedemann, the stunning 27-year old daughter of Isabella Rossellini and former Calvin Klein model, Jonathan Wiedemann. By the time the main course was served we had planned and mapped out a Tales shoot. “I love vintage,” she confessed to me breaking her lobster tails. “Every piece has a story; sometimes I like to fantasize about the woman who owned it before me and what her life was like.” Elettra likes to call herself a relaxed dresser, “but I always try to look put together and elegant” she adds. She has soft, friendly eyes, full lips and a captivating smile. And like her mother she is a successful model – both are spokespeople for Lancome – and a muse to many.

On Saturday, between Viktor & Rolf and Sonia Rykiel, we visited Neila’s, a small, high-end vintage boutique on Rue Mont Thabor. There were very few pieces on display that week since Neila was hosting one side of the store to a friend who designs furs. Now and then Neila would disappear to the back and come back with more delightful things from the archive. Nonetheless everything we had at our disposal was exquisite and perfectly suited for a spring day in Paris. “Being in sunglasses and bare feet made me feel like I was calling out to Spring: “JUST GET HERE ALREADY!”, raved Elettra, “I’m so over winter.” Amen.

March 11, 2011

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    LaArmoire - Reply

    I love your blog, you are amazing, I love your post, people that you show are so creative ! I want to ask you something too, where are you from because I see that you travel a lot I can not figure out where you live?


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    Natalie Suarez - Reply

    i love her! she is so gorgeous! great post 🙂


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    Natalie Joos - Reply

    @ La Armoire. I am from Belgium but I live in New York almost 13 years.

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    briannelee - Reply

    I want that dog! SO cute! Also, that yellow silk clutch is AMAZING.

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    mrs l.d. - Reply

    Elettra is stunning…that's why my husband chooses her to represent the image of his new brand LUC.DUCHENE and the dog, Russia is my friend's dog, you can see her every day at work at the boutique Luc.Duchene , 10 rue de Castiglione …Neila vintage boutique nis amazing too…
    I'm discovering this blog and just love it ! i will follow you Nathalie …nina

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    Absolutely Mrs. K - Reply

    What a fabulous compilation. The outfits are just divine and you are so right about spring. They are all so different but oh so spectacular. The black (dark blue) outfits are gorgeous because of the different textures and accessories. I love that little bag and 60’s adorable hat. But oh I love to see the color. The pink and orange outfit makes me smile. Of course this is a Chanel jacket, to me the one and only original bouclé jacket. the bag looks so modern and impeccable. Love the stones. This is a magnificent compilation and I love to read your stories.

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    Jay Strut - Reply

    IN love with everything!! The Chanel suit in the pink was so wonderful on you!!! Love how chic you are around in Paris haha!!


    Don't forget to come
    & check out my blog…


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    Style-wonderland - Reply

    missed you posts! finally …..love the shoot! really nice set, clothes and attitude! xxx

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    L'ARMOIRE - Reply

    That is nice I am from Poland,New York is a nice place for living! Wishing you all the best !

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    Corrine - Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this post! I am in love with the purse with a built in cigarette case, i wish i had discovered one like it and put it to use before i quit! I can't imagine anything more chic 🙂 I am so glad i discovered your blog, it's always such a pleasure reading it! x


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